Ariette Hung Events is available to sponsor your events with our treats!

Here is our sponsorship policy:

  1. Event host must recognize their sponsors in print and in person to the audience at the event and those who are in their communities. This may include announcement of sponsors at the event, printing in the event programme, social media.
  2. We waive our regular catering fee for sponsorships, however, our company requests compensation for the ingredient cost of any baked goods or treats that we will be providing. Value, ingredient prices, and baking tools needed are some of the expenses.
  3. Products must be picked up by event host (day-of, or ahead).
  4. We reserve the right to decline sponsorship opportunities.

Events we’ll consider sponsoring:

  • Author’s Book Readings
  • Fundraisers for charity
  • Creative Workshops
  • Networking Events
  • Corporate Wine & Cheeses
  • Corporate Holiday Parties

We sponsor intimate sized events, maximum 40 guests.