Where can I see your menu/prices?

Our base pricing can be found HERE. Please note that our base/starting pricing are absolute blank slates, all quotes are customized, because the final portions, flavours, and design will impact the finalized cost.

Can I make changes to my order?

Portions and flavours can be adjusted up to 2 weeks before the wedding (when final payment is due), so if any additions or cancellations to the order need to be made, we will take them into account at that time. We do not take last minute changes on the week-of, as it is too late notice, and we may have already purchased the ingredients or begun production of the products.

Clients are responsible to inform us of any changes. If urgent, call us directly.

Where can I check out some reviews?

We have a page of catering reviews HERE. See our happy customers!

Who and how can I contact about catering inquiries/quotes?

You may access our booking form HERE.

Or, give Cherry a call at 647-801-3339 – she is best available M-W 5-9pm.

If for some reason the form does not work, please contact by email for catering inquiries at catering@ariettehungevents.com with “(Event Date) – Catering Inquiry” in the subject.

How much are tastings for prospective clients?

Sample tastings are $30.00 CAD and can be paid via eTransfer. Please send them to cherrytsui@live.ca, with the password ‘catering’. For clients committed to book (a contract confirming the services must be paid, plus the deposit), then the tasting fee is waived/complimentary. We do this to ensure we are not losing money as there are food/tool costs in production of our samples, and to compensate for the time to create them for clients.

Thanks for your understanding!

Where, how, and when can I pick up my order?

If you plan to do pick-up your order rather than opt for delivery, you may do so with us in the Bloor/Yonge area in the downtown (central) Toronto area. Due to privacy, we will not disclose our exact residential address, but we/Cherry can meet you at a cafe (ex. Starbucks) nearby.

You may make arrangements with Cherry regarding an exact date and time for pick-up. You may pick up your order the day/evening ahead, or the day of the event. The order must be picked up by you, or a designated person — please arrange with us and send related contact information.

We will not release order pick-ups to unauthorized individuals.

Where do you deliver and what are the fees?

  • We deliver within 85 KM of Bloor/Yonge
  • UberX pricing for delivery fees apply.
  • Delivery fees begin at $15+ using a driving delivery service.
    — The final price depends on gas costs, order size, one-way travel time, and the total distance from our condo at Bloor and Yonge to your venue address via Uber.

Why do you need a minimum of a 2-week notice for orders?

We run Ariette Hung Events part-time around our day jobs/full-time school, so giving us as much advance notice as possible allows us to ensure that we can set aside time for your event date, to schedule accordingly and fulfill catering orders. We do not accept week-of requests, unless you are willing to pay late fees ($2 per day). We reserve the right to decline week-of requests, dependant on the volume of catering orders and our schedules that week.

What are your business hours/communication expectations?

Since we operate this business on a part-time basis, work full-time jobs and some of us are in school, please be understanding and patient with us as we get to your emails. Please allow for at least 1-3 business days for us to respond to your inquiry. We respond to emails Monday-Friday between 5-9pm ideally. We do not respond to emails over the weekend unless it is your wedding that weekend, as we are often working events. If there is an urgent matter or you require immediate clarification on a matter, please give us a call to set up an appointment.

How do I confirm an order – what is the advance notice needed, catering payment and confirmation process like with your business?

  • After sending us an order/booking inquiry, we will confirm with you that we are available and reach out to you for a tasting, should you require one.
  • We will give you a quote after the tasting and ask you for an initial payment to secure your booking for your wedding date – typically, 50% of the finalized costs – and then the final payment of the remaining is 50% to be paid two weeks before the event (you may adjust the details of your order at this time, if anything changes) to fulfill the order.
  • To fulfill our service, all payment must be upfront and agreed upon via contract.
  • Orders will not be confirmed or commence without receiving initial payment.
  • The initial deposit confirmation and final payment can be made in cash/cheque (paid in person), or via electronic money transfer from your bank to cherrytsui@live.ca.
    • *If an order is made under two weeks before an event (considered low notice), we forgo the 50/50 payment process and ask for the full amount to be paid.

Are your prices inclusive of tax?

Our prices for catering, delivery and catering service include tax.

Do you require us to pay gratuity/tips?

Tips or gratuity are not required, but it is always appreciated, of course. You may pass it along to your wedding coordinator to distribute it to us in person at the wedding, or e-transfer it.

How long can your cakes sit out to ensure food safety?

If it is a warm day and an outdoor wedding, and your venue allows it, we recommend refrigerating / putting in the blast chiller in the site kitchen for as long as possible and then letting it sit out for 30 minutes-an hour to come to a comfortable serving temperature before cutting.

If you prefer to have your cake sitting out on display for the duration of the event, please note that our cakes are able to sit out for 8-10 hours indoors within air-conditioned spaces only (buttercream icing can melt under warm weather if the wedding is outdoors). Keeping the cakes at a regulated temperature ensures the icing does not melt, and that it is safe for consumption.

Can I put flowers/greenery on your cakes?

Yes, you can. We recommend asking your florist for organic flowers to be placed on your cakes. If organic flowers are unable to be sourced, please ask your florist to use cling wrap to separate the stem of the floral from the cake base and insert them at the cake base or top to look the most “natural”. If you do not have a florist, please ask us and we will source florals for your cake for you. Please ask us ahead of time, as we need to place advanced orders with our florist.

Floral costs are dependent on type, seasonal availability & external vendor fees.

If you’d like to save money on floral costs, you can also consider silk florals, clay & plastic flowers.

Do you offer discounts?

Clients from PALZ Wedding Zone get 10% off their first order because of our advertising affiliation within the PALZ community (our agreement to do promotions in the Facebook groups); however, this discount is redeemable for first-time customers only. In order to continue running our business sustainably, we must charge full cost of production and service fees to cover overhead costs. PALZ discounts cannot be combined with any other promotional deals. You can also get 10% off if you are choosing to use one of our coordination packages (month-of, partial, or full).

Do you cater events outside of weddings?

Absolutely! We are available to cater for…

  • Engagements
  • Bridal Showers
  • Baby Showers
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthday Parties
  • Network Events

For these events, please send us a message!

Would you be willing to partner with other wedding vendors?

A collaboration of vendors may be discussed, such as for style shoots, contests, seasonal products, and giveaways. We will not accept referral kickbacks. We refer vendors based on what is suited best for the client.

Are you available for event sponsorships?

We are available to offer baked goods for your special event in exchange of media exposure to your ideal guests (ideally, potential wedding clients, people in the entrepreneurship/arts/culture scene) and compensation of food costs. We ask that you will assist in covering costs of ingredients but we will waive regular catering fees. If you’re interested in event sponsorship, email us.

What is your refund/cancellation policy for catering, or what can be refunded if I’m cancelling x amount of items but still getting catering?

Cancellations must be made at least 2 week ahead and it is the client’s due responsibility to inform us if there are any cancellations or changes to the order no later than one week before the event; we regrettably cannot return any fee if the order/project has begun. The final 50% payment can be returned if cancelled within 2 weeks of the event, prior to when we purchase ingredients.

It is also the clients’ responsibility to personally cancel with us directly, rather than secondhand (ex.: If you hired us, your parent/guardian or friend should not be cancelling for you).

Any fees from the tastings or work already done will not be refunded.