Where can I see your menu/prices?

You can download our 2019 catering menu here, where we list starting prices — customized quotes are calculated based on individual design requests and add-ons (toppers, equipment rental, delivery, etc.).

Who can I contact about catering inquiries/quotes or bookings, or how can I contact you?

You may access our booking form HERE.

Also, you may contact us by email directly for catering inquiries at[email protected] – we ask that you please put “Ariette Hung Events: Catering Inquiry” in the subject header! 

Where do you deliver and what are the fees?

  • We deliver within 45 KM of Bloor/Yonge, delivery fees apply (we use Uber!).
  • Delivery fees begin at $30+ using a driving delivery service, dependant on order size, mileage and time of travel (round trip). We charge this cost to pay our driver who helps us with deliveries.

Why do you need a minimum of a 2-week notice for orders? Do you accept week-of requests?

We run Ariette Hung Events part-time around our day jobs/full-time school, so giving us as much advance notice as possible allows us to ensure that we can set aside time for your event date, to schedule accordingly, and fulfill catering orders. In addition, the two-week notice allows us time to confirm your order, ask questions, and prepare accordingly so that we can allocate our talent and time to creating your products to our standard of pastry perfection.

How do I confirm an order – what is the catering payment and confirmation process like?

  1. After sending us an order/booking, we will confirm with you within 48 hours.
  2. We will give you a quote and ask you for an initial partial payment to secure your booking – typically, 50% of the payment – and then the final payment of the remaining 50% two weeks before the event (you may adjust details of your order at this time, in the event that anything changes) so that the order can be fulfilled. All payment is upfront.
  3. The initial deposit confirmation and final payment can be made in cash/cheque (in person), or via electronic money transfer to [email protected]. *If an order is made within two weeks before an event, transact the full cost.

Are your prices inclusive of tax?

Our prices for catering, delivery and catering service already include tax.

Do you accept gratuity/tips?

Tips or gratuity are not required, but it is always appreciated for a job well done!

How long can your baked goods sit at room temperature to ensure food safety?

If your vendor allows it, we recommend refrigerating our cakes as long as possible and then letting it sit out for 30 minutes to come to room temperature before serving. However, if you are having an event in which the desserts or cake will be sitting out for display throughout the event, our cakes are alright to sit out for a maximum of 8-10 hours in a room with well-functioning air conditioning only (not outdoor events). Please note that our buttercream cake creations are not meant for summer outdoor wedding without air conditioning. Buttercream will melt!

Can I put flowers on your cakes?

Yes, you can, however, be careful about what flowers you use. We recommend asking your florist for certified, organic flowers to be placed on your cakes. If you are using fake flowers, make sure they are thoroughly cleaned and preferably BPA-free plastic made. We do not recommend using garden-fresh flowers on the cakes we make, so as not to impair the health and consumable integrity of our cakes in case chemicals such as pesticides was used on the flowers.

Do you offer discounts?

We pride ourselves in providing premium quality products at a reasonable cost, however, as we are a small company, we will not devalue our talent and profession by offering unsustainable costs. Costs of operating a domestic bakery with upkept tools, quality ingredients, insurance, and certifications in food safety and handling are overhead costs that we need to cover, which is included in how we calculate our pricing. We offer 10% off for referral customers from Bunz.

Would you be willing to partner with other wedding planners as a vendor?

A collaboration may be discussed, however, we do not accept kickbacks.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Cancellations must be made at least two weeks in advance and it is the client’s due diligence to inform us if there are any necessary changes to the order. The 50% initial service deposit can be returned within 2 weeks time of the payment date. If we have begun the order (ex. 1 day before the event), a refund will not be rendered.