Ariette Hung
Lead Planner, WPICC

Photography: Anthony Saleh

Hi, I’m Ariette!

Grad school student by day – writer and event coordinator by summertime side hustle, I am a faith-driven certified wedding planner dedicated to bringing people’s wedding and event visions to fruition. I received my certification from WPIC in 2017; and since I’ve worked on events and assisted award-winning planners in the GTA in hosting their weddings. I hope to celebrate with you, too!

Fun facts about me!

  • My personality type is INFJ; in a nutshell meaning that I am kind, organized, intuitive, creative, visionary, and a feeler
  • My Enneagram type is Type 2 with a Type 3 & Type 6 wing 
  • I have a BA Honours in Child & Youth Care (social work)
  • I am pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Counselling
  • In my free time, I write poetry and short stories
  • I love musical theatre, soaps, and Disney
  • I’m a romantic – which is why I love weddings!

What makes my approach unique?

With a background in community services and non-profit, I understand how to work with various types of people and budgets. I am creative, and I’m always down for a DIY project. Plus, I study counselling, so I am great with helping people manage stress!

What We Do

Our full-service team provides wedding coordination, event planning, and design consultation services. We have also partnered with indie professional bakers in the city who provide in-house patisserie and dessert catering services for event clients.

Altogether, Ariette Hung Events aims to help create stylish, sweet and memorable experiences.