3 reasons to hire a wedding planner

1. Save yourself the time and research.

Wedding planning is 50% research. Looking up vendors and venues online. Figuring out their availabilities and quotes. Emailing around. Looking up reviews. Booking and interviewing vendors. With a coordinator, that time is cut in half, because we already know the industry, and can fully support you in the process by presenting you vendors and venues that perfectly fit your event vision from the get-go. Many people may think that hiring a wedding planner is an expensive luxury, when in fact, hiring a professional can save you time and money lost on expensive mistakes (such as hiring unreliable vendors who take your deposit and ghost on you… Yes, it really happens, and it really sucks). Your wedding planner’s goal is always to support and save you from the unnecessary stress of planning.

2. Save yourself from hiring unreliable vendors.

Again, a common error that couples often make is hiring unreliable vendors, such as those who without licensing or certification. A big red flag, by the way. These are the ones who offered a great price but suddenly can’t do your wedding a month before the wedding, but have a deposit for your money already. That totally sucks, and it’s happened to people more than I’d like to see (because it’s really a sucky situation all around). With a wedding coordinator, you’ll have a list of carefully curated vendors and venue recommendations fitting your exact budget already. Also, because a planner’s vendor list is carefully vetted, their vendors will treat you well for sure!

3. Save yourself from making expensive mistakes.

Wedding coordinators are a resourceful bunch. Being trained and immersed in the wedding industry, we have access to discounts within the industry. Further, we know how much stuff should cost and we can tell you if you have a good deal or something that’s too good to be true, or if you’re paying way too much for something you can actually save money on. In summation, let a planner help you from making those expensive mistakes.

Still on the fence about hiring a wedding coordinator?

Here are 3 bonus reasons why you should hire a wedding coordinator!

  1. Comprehensive Planning – Never miss a detail, or go over budget, or miss a vendor appointment
  2. Professionalism – Get your questions answered by someone in the wedding industry
  3. Peace of Mind – Trust that your wedding day will go smoothly with professionals tending to it